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Coriolus Versicolor Polysaccharide Capsules

Major physiological role of active substances in Coriolus Versicolor Polysaccharide Capsules


Monosaccharides, polysaccharides: Coriolus Versicolor polysaccharide with molecular weight 1.3 × 106 or more contains  β-glucan, the primary key for the β (1 → 3) of dextran (glucan), alkaloid, protein, amino acids and so on.


The structure of Coriolus versicolor polysaccharide can combine with human immune cells to promote immunity, enhance the activation of immune cells and cytokine production. It strengthens the immune system so as to inhibit cancer cell proliferation.  It can also enable T cells, NK cells and lymphocytes to identify & kill  cancer cells.  It protects the liver by inducing the white blood cells to generate α-interferon and γ-interferon.  It also repairs damaged liver cells and cure chronic hepatitis.