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Cordyceps Polysaccharide Capsules

Major physiological role of active substances in Cordyceps Polysaccharide Capsules

【Cordyceps acid】Cordyceps acid is a D – mannitol. Mannitol increases the plasma osmotic pressure, resulting in the organization of water into the blood stream and thus relieve the edema, supplementary plasma. Cerebral edema prevents acute renal failure, improves the function of heart, brain, blood vessels. It also promotes metabolism, improves body microcirculation and lowers blood pressure.

【Cordyceps Polysaccharide】CP mechanisms in the human body are: promotion of T lymphocytes, macrophages, proliferation and differentiation of white blood cell. It generates a variety of immune activity factors.  It also improves bone marrow stem cells, germ cells proliferation and differentiation, promoting heart and brain cell metabolism and blood circulation 。

【Cordycepin 】Cordycepin shows strong cell proliferation inhibition in mouse tumor cells. It infiltrates into RNA and phosphorylates the cells into 3 - ATP, which is bound to lead to absorption and mature mRNA disorder, affecting protein synthesis , and thus inhibits the growth of tumor. Cordycepin is medically effective on human nasal, pharyngeal cancer (KD) cells.