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Hericium Erinaceus polysaccharide capsules

Main physiological role of active substances in Hericium Erinaceus polysaccharide capsules

【Hericium Erinaceus polysaccharide 】β-(1 → 3) glycosidic linkage of the main chain, and β (1 → 6) glycosidic linkage with the branched glucan are its active parts, have significant functions of inhibiting mouse sarcoma 180 and Ehrlich ascites carcinoma. Observations include inhibition of tumor cell growth, improvement in immune function, elimination of the hazardous effects made on bodies by radiotherapy and chemotherapy . Also, the rate of healing gastric and duodenal ulcer was 93%. Clinical application shows that cancer patients during chemotherapy after surgery has an enhanced immunity after taking Hericium products. The mass of the cancer is reduced and survival rate of the patients shall be increased.

【Thalidomide material 】Hericium erinaceus contains peptides, polysaccharides and aliphatic thalidomide substances. It is good for health and it is effective in treating cancers and tumors of the digestive system. Hericium erinaceus also has significant effects on gastric ulcer, gastritis, stomach and abdominal distension.