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Production Process

The “Blue Hat” Label (藍帽子)

The blue hat is an officially approved health care products by the State Food and Drug Administration. It is one of the unique kind. “ Gushen Joint Capsule of G. lucidum Sporoderm-broken Spore Powder ” has passed the examination by the State Food and Drug Administration。


Spore wall Broken :

The Ganoderma Sporo-Pollen has a two-tier wall. The wall’s main components are chitin, insoluble fiber, lignin, etc.. It is hard and tough, and corrosion resistance. It is not easily digested in its unbroken state and it often passes through the digestive system without being absorbed at all. However, once the wall is broken, the active ingredient of Ganoderma is released and it’s highly absorbable.

Scientific technologies including low-temperature enzymatic methodology is used in the wall-broken procedure. 

Before wall-broken  After wall-broken