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Shiitake Polysaccharide

Major physiological role of active substances in Shiitake Polysaccharide (Lentinan, LTN)

Lentinan has immunomodulatory and anti-tumor effects. Lentinan can regulate the human immune function by enhancing the growth of T cells. It also stimulates the formation of antibodies, activates macrophages and reduces the ability of inducing tumor by the methylcholanthrene. The cancer cells will be highly inhibited. Lentinan is also called in the peripheral immune therapy (Scheme efferent) and is applied to the clinical anti-tumor treatment. Lentinan increases DNA synthesis and peripheral mononuclear cells to produce immune proteins 。

Detoxification & protection of liver: Lentinan significantly reduces CC l4, and rising of ALT caused by prednisolone thioacetamid.  It protects the liver by reducing the decline of liver glycogen content caused by CCl4.

Shiitake mushrooms contain double-stranded RNA, which induces interferon, with anti-virus capabilities. Shiitake mushroom extract has anti-platelet aggregation.